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1. Fabric Type & Color: 

2. Size:

Width (inches)   
Length (inches)  

Round all measurements to the nearest 1/8"

3. Fabric Layout:  Regular (Non-Railroaded) Fabric runs this way:non-railroaded
 Sideways (Railroaded) Fabric runs this way: railroaded 
Sideways is often needed for larger width shades. Note: If one shade has fabric railroaded, for a uniform look, all shades should be railroaded.
4. Mount:

 Inside Mount
 Outside Mount

5. Quantity

6. Chain Lift Position:



 None  (NOTE - Fascia CANNOT be retro-fitted)

 3” Bronze Fascia  4” Bronze Fascia
 3” White Fascia  4” White Fascia
 3” Black Fascia  4” Black Fascia

 Larger shades require 4" Fascia. We'll notify if you need to use the larger fascia. We recommend using the same size fascia for all windows in a room for a uniform look.

8. Chain Length

If you require special chain length, please indicate in the "Special Requests" section in the cart.

9. Hold Down Brackets

 No  Yes 

10. Hardware Option:

 White  Black 

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